Any catastrophe of the following events include but not limit to: hurricane, windstorm, tropical storm, tornado, hail storm, typhoon, cyclone, earthquake, severe thunderstorm, winter storm, flood, weather event or any other naturally occurring peril that is identified as a “catastrophe”. Insurance Carriers identify these natural catastrophe events as PERILS. Also known as national or statewide disasters.

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When your area has suffered a major “CAT Event”, local restoration companies can get
overwhelmed with high volume of service calls and projects. “CAT Events” causes an increase in claim volume which puts local insurance agents, adjusters, contractors, and restoration companies in a strain to meet the demand of required services. Some home & Business owners are hesitant to hire companies that are not local. What you need is an experienced company that can handle your claim strategically and quickly. A company that treats your home or business with pride as if it were their own. Even your insurance carrier does not have enough local staff adjusters of their own. They too bring in help from out of town to meet the demand of CAT events. During these unfortunate events Legion Property Restoration can deploy a team of dedicated trained technicians to assist with the high volume of claims. This is a division of our company called S.E.R.T (Strategic Emergency Response Team). S.E.R.T is designed and geared to handle the disasters that a weather event leaves in their wake.


You do NOT want to sit in line waiting while your home is sitting in water. We provide services that need to be done promptly such as securing the property, drying out the structure, emergency tarping, pre/post treatments and providing stabilization to prevent further damages. These services will allow you time to hand pick your local contractor for the reconstruction process. The insurance companies enjoy working with us because of how meticulously we build our files. Legion provides detailed data reports, photo documentation, and utilizes Xactimate for invoicing and/or estimating. We can also provide a list of references from Hurricanes Michael and Sally who will be happy to provide a positive review of our services.

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