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An insurance claim is a formal request by a policyholder to an insurance company for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy event. The insurance company validates the claim (or denies the claim). If it is approved, the insurance company will issue payment to the insured or an approved interested party on behalf of the insured. Legion will provide you the information you need to successfully file your claim.

In an ideal situation, a policyholder would have read and understood their policy before a loss. Sometimes, this is not the case, this where Legion can help assist you.  Questions and concerns regarding the policy language should be discussed during a consultation with the agent during the time of purchase of a policy. Pay close attention to the Endorsement and Exclusion pages. Study it. This should be done before ever filing a claim. Never file a claim hastily. Do your research to determine what is covered and what is the cause of your loss. It’s best to know what kinds of losses will be covered before an event takes place. Legion Property Restoration is experienced and knowledgeable in helping to assist you with your claim filing process. 

georgia property restoration


The first call you should make is to the service provider who will help to rectify the issue. It’s written in all policies that homeowners are obligated to mitigate further damages to their property. The service provider will help you answer important questions: What is causing the loss? How do I stop further damages? This will be your priority in order to know how to properly file a claim. Further details on this topic can be found in the steps in filing a claim in the (Claim Filing) tab. There, we will underline the correct procedures for filing a claim.

NOTE: Review your policy thoroughly before making the second call. Have the Declaration page of your policy on hand. Review your Endorsements and Exclusions. Don't get overwhelmed this is where we are here to help. 

The second call you should make is to the insurance carrier’s Claims Department. This call should be made only when you have reviewed your policy and decided to move forward with filing a claim. 

Many people ask “why not call my agent first?” There are no specific rules or order in which you should make your calls. There is no right or wrong way. But, you should know that agents are obligated to report your conversation regarding damages to the insurance carrier even if you choose not to file. Therefore, policyholders should always have consultations with their agents beforehand to understand the claims process in case there was ever a need to file a claim. During a covered claim, the agents are your biggest advocate. Educate yourself, understand the role of your agent during the claim process and when to engage your agent. Ask your agent what they prefer.

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Each claim is different and the way it will be handled will vary based on the type of loss the policyholder experiences. Property damage events can be traumatic and can lead to panic. Policyholders under extreme despair from a loss concerning their home or personal property can make wrong decisions under pressure.  The information below is helps give guidance on how to navigate through an event and feel more confident about the process. Remember each claim or loss will have its own strategic set of steps. The general steps that will be listed below are based on a very common type of claim - plumbing leak. 

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