Natural disasters, broken pipes, slow leaks, and water heater leaks can lead to serious water damage inside both residential and commercial buildings. Hiring a professional restoration company is critical to minimizing damage, preventing further problems, and restoring your structure to its pre-damage condition. Legion Property Restoration specializes in Georgia water damage restoration, repair, and remediation throughout the greater Columbus, GA region. Our skilled technicians have extensive training in water damage remediation and restorations and have restored hundreds of structures to their original state. Contact us today!


Kitchen leaks

Accidents happen in the kitchen every day, but even a spilled glass of water can cause water damage if not cleaned immediately. A water line to the ice maker in the fridge and/or dishwasher may wear out over time and leak. A cracked refrigerator drain pan may lead to water damage from leaking water. A damaged pan needs to be replaced to avoid future water damage.

Foundation Leaks

The foundation of your home is meant to stabilize the structure and keep water out. A landscaping job may be aesthetically pleasing, but it can also cause water damage if not done properly. As soil moves, it creates pressure against the foundation, which can eventually crack or bow. Then there’s the foundation damage done by water runoff from a lawn that wasn’t properly graded. If your home was built on concrete, water coming from it means a slab leak. Mildew and mold under carpets, an unusually high water bill, and/or you can hear water running when all water is turned off are common signs you have a water leak.

Bathroom Leaks

Toilets clog and overflow, faucets leak, and tubs and showers that aren’t sealed properly cause water damage in the bathroom. Long showers without adequate ventilation produce and trap steam and condensation, which causes water damage.

Roof or Ceiling

A leaky roof, at once or over time, can cause damage to both the structure and ceilings in your home. A ceiling stains when damaged by water which is a telltale sign there’s a problem. But, this is the last sign of damage. The sooner water damage in these areas is addressed, the less of an issue it will be. If left alone, water damage will lead to mold and mildew which can cause respiratory and other health issues in people and animals. Any electrical wiring exposed to water can short and pose a fire risk. And since many homes are built with wood and wood products, homes can become weakened and rotted and even collapse.


Water leaks are generally easy to identify in a home or business. Common signs that your home or business has a water leak includes wet spots, warped areas or discoloration stains on ceilings, floors, walls, and woodwork. Outdoor water leaks are usually identified by soft, wet puddles in the grass or a depression in the ground. Another telltale sign of a water leak is a rapid or gradual increase of your water bill when water usage has remained the same as months prior.
If you notice any of these signs or you suspect your property has a water leak, contact Legion Property Restoration. Our leak detection services are second to none, and we have the knowledge, tools and license to properly — and quickly — detect and fix water leaks.

It’s easy to assume that the signs of water damage in your residential or commercial property will be apparent. But water from heavy rainfall, a flood, or a leak can quickly disappear before you have time to recognize the issue. If you suspect your structure has water damage, don’t wait — contact us right away. We are available day or night for water damage inspections — we even handle the restoration and reconstruction after extensive water damage to homes and businesses. Common signs of water damage include the following:

  • Mold or mildew on walls, corners, or the ceiling
  • Buckling or cracking in the floors
  • Blistering and/or crumbling paint
  • Musty smells or lingering odors
  • Water spots that range from light to deep rust in color
  • Bulge or concave in the ceiling or walls


If life takes an unexpected turn and leaves your home or business with water damage, Legion Property Restoration is your first call for Georgia water damage restoration and repair. Even if the damage in your home appears to be severe, our cleanup and restoration services can produce amazing results. We have successfully restored valuable contents from hundreds of water-damaged properties throughout the years including furniture, appliances, computers, and family heirlooms.

Working with our Georgia restoration company means never having to wait for your insurance company to pay a claim before fixing the problem. We self-fund restoration projects, so you can get back to normal life as soon as possible. We have the largest inventory of drying equipment in Columbus Georgia, which allows us to work quickly, minimize damage, and reduce additional restoration costs. Our advanced equipment helps detect hidden moisture, remove standing water quickly, and thoroughly clean and dry your structure and belongings.


Disasters can happen any time of day or night — that’s why we’re available to take control of your water damage situation, 24/7. We provide emergency water removal services to residential and commercial structures throughout Columbus Georgia any time of day or night, so you don’t have to wait until normal business hours to get help.

When it comes to water removal in a home or business, time is of the essence. Water works in a fast, covert manner, seeping into cracks and crevices and creating issues not visible to the naked eye. Letting water leaks and damage fester will lead to a number of other issues that are often more difficult and costly to fix, if not irreparable. Don’t delay — contact Legion Property Restoration for your Georgia water damage restoration needs today!

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