Legion Property Restoration is a family-owned and operated business. We take great pride in helping others in their time of need. Our goal is to alleviate stress and provide excellent customer service. Our elite restoration company strives to do the very best on every project by utilizing the individual strengths of our team. Legion goes above and beyond the industry’s minimum standards by utilizing our skill sets mastered during our years of experience in the field. In addition to field training, we are constantly educating ourselves through IICRC and NORMI in order to better serve our clients and to grow the skill set of our team. We protect your assets and the health of your home as if it were our own.  Let Legion carry your claim burdens for you.


Legion Property Restoration is an Emergency Service Provider for both residential and commercial structures. Our team is designed and geared to take immediate action to preserve and/or restore your property to its pre-loss condition. 


Everything we do as a company is done with great pride, purpose, and meaning. Our owner, Ken, wanted something more than a catchy name. The name needed to embody our spirit. The word “Legion” did just that.


  • #1

    A large group of people or things, most commonly soldiers

  • #2

    A military or semi-military unit

  • #3

    Any large group of armed men or women

  • #4

    Any great number of persons or things; a multitude

Legion in our name means that very thing. When you hire Legion as your restoration team, you are getting a “legion” of staff members armed with drive, knowledge, experience, and compassion. They are equipped with the tools to successfully handle the damages caused by whatever catastrophic event has come your way. We bring a “multitude” of our industry’s equipment, chemicals, experience, and tools to rectify your loss. 


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    Conveys or represents the symbol of protection and defense


    Symbolizes courage, strength, dignity, excellence, and guardian


    When wings are added to an animal it symbolizes man’s desire to soar higher in life. To accomplish increasingly impressive feats, but still remain grounded and practical. This ideal is best understood by the concept of embracing the reality of a man or woman’s physical presence. While also balancing nature and all that is non-physical. Maintaining pristine mental concentration with a steadfast earthly foundation. 

Our company’s logo conveys our teams work ethic. We will protect and defend your assets with courage, strength, dignity, and excellence. We will accomplish impressive feats with pristine mental concentration throughout your claims process. 

Let us shield you from the aggravation, stress and worries of the claim process. 



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